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University of Maryland, College Park

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Applications still open (rolling admission)

The Federal and Global Fellows programs prepare talented, diverse undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experience necessary to excel in professional internships and pursue careers of influence and impact, in the public sector and in our increasingly globalized society. Both are yearlong programs that combine a fall academic seminar taught by industry experts and a spring internship. All students have access to one-on-one coaching, workshops, special events, guest speakers and DC trips regardless of program/concentration.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to come by the office to learn more about the seven fall academic seminar courses/concentrations (each 20-23 students). In your application, you may rank the seminar courses/concentrations in order of preference across the Federal and Global programs.

Application requirements:

A Letter of Recommendation is encouraged especially if you are on the border of minimum requirements. The letter may arrive after you have submitted the application.

Students entering the program must meet the following minimum requirements:

The online application method is preferred. But if using the paper-based application, applicants may email their completed application to federalfellows@umd.edu or globalfellowsdc@umd.edu with Subject Title: “2018-2019 Application.” Applicants are also welcome to drop off applications in-person, by snail mail, or by fax to the below address or fax number.

The Federal & Global Fellows Office
University of Maryland, College Park
2407 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, Maryland 20742
Fax: (301) 314-0941


Joan Burton, Ph.D., Director | Federal Fellows Program | Global Fellows in Washington, DC
www.federalfellows.umd.edu | www.globalfellowsdc.umd.edu